GridGear Solutions Ltd. is a Canadian based company that designs and manufactures energy management hardware and software for the power grid, specializing in electrical smart meters.

Our ultimate goal is to provide consumers, utilities and energy management companies with quick, easy, real-time access to their power consumption data with zero up-front capital expenditure.

With flexibility in design for a wide range of custom applications as well as performance testing, calibration and verification equipment, we can take on your most challenging projects.


At GridGear we understand that every job site is different and have designed our products to be more flexible for ease of installation. Our instructions were written to be as simple as possible, however, every application will require some level of planning or strategy. Do not hesitate to get us involved in that process or to contact us with any questions or concerns.

GG All-In Meter

GridGear’s GG is a flexible, low cost, revenue grade meter, for the residential, commercial, and institutional market. The meter is UL listed (E489079) and designed to provide accurate measurement and verification of electricity consumption.

Current Transformers Split and Solid Core

GridGear supplies a line of UL approved solid and split core, revenue grade, Current Transformers (CT’s) that are calibrated with our line of meters to maximize system accuracy. The CT’s are rated for 100A, 200A or 400A primaries with 100 mA secondaries.