Submetering simplified.

GridGear Solutions is a manufacturer of high-accuracy, electricity submetering equipment. Our flexible, turnkey designs and industry-leading ease of product installation make GridGear an ideal choice for your submetering needs.


Flush Mount Unit

GridGear's flush mount unit can be installed in any location and lays flush on whichever wall or surface it is installed.

Multi-Meter Unit (MMU)

GridGear's MMU is pre-wired and ready to be installed as a turnkey application for customers. Available in sizes from 2-28 meters; the MMU is perfect for large jobs.

Surface Mount Unit

GridGear's surface mount unit can be installed on an surface without the need to modify existing structures.

Solid and Split-Core Current Transformers

GridGear supplies a line of UL approved solid and split core, revenue grade, Current Transformers (CT’s) that are calibrated with our line of meters to maximize system accuracy. The CTs are rated for 200A, 400A, or 800A primaries with 100mA secondary leads. All CTs come with 12 ft. leads; they can be extended up to 100 ft. with our CT extension service. Please contact GridGear directly if you have any questions about our CT line or the CT extension service.